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Las letras de los clips

  1. No Line on the Horizon

    One day she’s still
    The next she swells
    You can hear the universe
    In her sea shells,
    Oh yea

    No, no line on the horizon
    No, no line

    I know...

  2. Magnificent

    (Oh, oh)

  3. Unknown Caller


    Sunshine, Sunshine

  4. I’ll go Crazy if I don’t go Crazy tonight

    Just a little hit
    Every beauty needs to go out with an idiot
    How can you stand next to the truth, and not see it?

    Oh, a change of heart
    Comes to

    It’s not a hill,
    It’s a mountain
    As you start out the climb

  5. Stand Up Comedy

    Dictator of the heart

    I could stand up,
    For hope, faith, love,
    While I’m getting over certainty

    Stop helping God across the road,
    Like a little old lady

    Out from under your bed...

  6. Fez-Being Born

    Let me in the sound,
    Let me in the sound, sound,
    Let me in the sound

  7. White as Snow

    Where I came from,
    There were no hills at all
    The land was flat,
    The highway, straight and wide

    My brother and I,
    Would drive for hours
    Like we’d years,
    Instead of...

  8. Breathe

    ...Things I need you to know

    Coming from a long line of traveling sales people on my mother's side,
    I wasn’t gunna buy just anyone’s cockatoo,
    So why would I invite a complete stranger into my home?
    Would you?

    These days are better than that,
    These days are better than that

  9. Cedars of Lebanon

    Woke up in my clothes, in a dirty heap
    Spent the night trying to make a deadline
    Squeezing complicated lives into a simple headline

    I have your face in an old Polaroid,
    Tidying the children’s clothes & toys,
    You’re smiling back at me,
    I took the photo from the...